6th June 2019

Can I take my hooks and needles on a plane? What you need to know!

With the Summer holidays fast approaching, diets are in full flow, trying to get that bikini body (or one piece in my case)

Now to think of packing all those holiday essentials for the hold and that every year needing to get a  smaller hand language bag for the plane.  If you are like me, you start looking at what projects you can take on holidays! Yarn based of course! Now it needs to be one project only as there is not enough room in the case for the 10 WIP’s I have on the go!

I normally start a new project just for a holiday, last year I did 80 African flowers in a week, in the late evening sitting on the balcony of our apartment, a large glass of wine and crochet hook in hand! My husband and kids put their foot down about crocheting on the beach!  I did the joining together of all the flowers when I got home to create two amazing hippos following a Heidi Bear pattern.  Check out her all her patterns on Ravelry.  Doing them in all one colour meant I only had to pack 4 balls of yarn, 3 in the hold, one in my hand luggage!








I never really thought about the consequences of taking a hook and a small pair of scissors on a plane, but I got through security and aboard with no issues.  This year I already have ideas in mind for the holiday makes, but I thought I should really look in the legalities of sharp objects on a plane!

Now the rules and regulations on sharp objects on a plane is a minefield! Leaving the UK, some airports don’t worry about them at all, others confiscate them!  I would always suggest taking your not so important hooks/needles in your hand luggage, bamboo or plastic and if you need to take a pair of scissors, rounded scissors less than 6cm is fine or a nail clippers!  If you do need to take a darning needle I would suggest a plastic one.  Do not take a yarn cutter as this will be confiscated, due to the blade.  In your hold luggage all is fine (so long as your case arrives with you at your designation!).

After checking out the Government websites, I thought I would check some individual airlines, now this was interesting.  Even though UK border security lets us take them through, the airlines seem to take a different stance…


When I contacted Easyjet I got the best answer! Not sure Obot has been programmed for crafting on a plane!

Not really an answer! But I'm guessing if Obot doesn’t know then no one knows!













Ryanair and Thomas Cook…

My flight last year was actually Ryanair and no one questioned me when I started crocheting on the plane with my metal hook!  Please note I am not discounting Ryanair’s reply!



















Jet Go Holidays...

I found them to be very conscientious and even wanted to know what flight I was on, so I had to confess I was writing a blog piece, they don’t seem to have any problems if we are off to Spain!













Regardless what the airlines say, you still have to get through security first, so play it safe and stick to the cheap hooks and needles, so you don’t watch them throw away your very expensive and best Clover hook!

The below link is information from Gov.uk regarding hand luggage restrictions, I would suggest crochet hooks would fall into the knitting needle category.  If you are still unsure what to do, a quick message to your airline should resolve any issues.


After all that I’m ready for my holiday now!  Have a great summer holiday where ever you are heading in the world.


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