23rd December 2018

Cashmere and Cotton

Cotton reminds me of my gran. Mostly it reminds me of the five year old me attempting to knit square dishcloths on her old aero needles from undyed cotton. It always amazed me how something so coarse could become soft after a little handling and could still stand up to repeatedly being used. Mostly I was amazed that anyone could see anything beautiful in the weird and wonderful creations that resulted from me dropping stitches and accidentally creating extra ones. Of course now I’m an adult knitter I’d recognise the running dropped stitch as a way of creating a visual feature and the addition of extra stiches as a yarn over but way back then I was convinced I was doing it all wrong, especially when my square looked more like a parallelogram or a trapezoid, but my Gran cherished every single one and used them on a daily basis until they disintegrated at which point I’d be presented with a ball of cotton and some needles and we’d spend a happy afternoon together knitting new ones.

Cashmere on the other hand is the epitome of luxury. I once briefly owned a cashmere sweater. It was the softest, warmest thing I had ever worn. I wore it once before my husband loaded into the washing machine on a hot wash and shrank it to the sort of proportions that would fit a toddler.  I could have cried!

Imagine my surprise when I wandered into the store and spotted a ball of Rowan’s Cashmere Cotton on the shelf in the most stunning dove grey, the sort of colour that goes with just about anything, a colourway named Silver Lining. I would never have imagined combining the two into a single yarn but it works, it’s warm, soft to the touch and even in the ball has much more of a drape than you’d expect from a cotton based yarn. I hadn’t even realised it was cotton based until I’d read the label.

Nestled on the shelf alongside this was a copy of Form, Kim Hargreaves latest publication which is crammed full of the sort of designs that make you go oooh, I’d like to knit that and that and that which is always a good sign. I’ve dropped a not too subtle hint that I’d love to wake up on Christmas Day and find that in my stocking.

In the meantime I’m having fun perusing the delights of Ravelry, working out just how many balls of Cashmere Cotton I’ll need to knit whatever it is I decide to knit betwixtmas. Our Christmas celebrations start on Christmas Eve when I’ll sit down in front of the log fire with a new project on the needles, the dog curled up by my feet, the cat curled up in the dogs basket, my husband snoring away in the armchair and the teenogres negotiating for prime position in front of the telly box as we settle in to watch the most Christmassy movie we can find.

Happy Christmas All!

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