26th September 2019

Christmas Crackers...

How did this happen so quickly??

Christmas is only 3 months away. I always think I’m going to have endless hours to create everyone a handmade Christmas present. In reality, loads of things crop up and I only end up make one for two presents. I see hundreds of patterns and spend hours deciding on what I’m going to make everyone.  Then I see more and cannot decide on which to do! I tend to always pick things that require a whole new batch of yarn too!!

As you all know I have the luxury of have a warehouse at my disposal to find the perfect patterns.  I love nothing better than standing by the pattern files, with a coffee, looking at all the inspiration, I’m not sure what Russell thinks of me just mooching through his files!

King Cole always jumps out at me, they love Christmas! With the best yarn called Christmas (some lovely patterns using the Glitz Christmas as well) I think they may have proved it!! They have something for adults, childreKing cole christmas glitzn, the King cole christmas glitz patternhome, even the dog! I find their patterns so easy to follow, explaining things really well.

King Cole do a stunning range of books in knitting and crochet, you can create a great collection of patterns. I like a paper copy, so much nicer than trying to follow a pattern on an iPad etc. One of the books in the knitting range is for a full tradking cole stocking patternition nativity scene, which would become a family heirloom for many years to come. Take a look here at all the pattern books.

King cole christmas patterns







baa ram ewe stocking

Baa ram Ewe also do a lovely Christmas Stocking pattern, in Titus range, again something to make all the family, to use year on year.

You’ve got to try using the king Cole tinsel yarn, it’s so much fun and the patterns are great using the range. All the children will love these!

king cole tinsel

You cannot do Christmas without a few trendy jumpers! There are some great jumper patterns, lots of funny and head turner patterns. Christmas jumpers must be head turners! Standing out from the crowd is the key, you’ve got to try and win the Competition at work! I am that competitive I like to add lights to mine!!

Take a look at all the amazing jumpers, there are some corkers!

james c brett christmas jumper James c brett christmas jumper
Gift ideas

You cannot forget the pets in your life, they need some special gifts as weldog knitting patternsl and oh boy you will not be disappointed in the selection! With coats, hats and bandanas, your dog will be kitted out for the seasonal break. I’m particularly taken with the little doggy bandana, your pooch would defiantly look the part in one of these.

I have got to add my favourite the Alpaca loo roll covers! I know they are not Christmassy, but they are a present item that will be on displaking cole alpaca toilet roll covery all year! This is going to be a firm favourite on my Christmas list makes this year, so if you are a friend that receives a present from me look out! Any requests on colours??

I found this lovely free pattern when I was looking through Pinterest (as you do!!), it is such a lovely cushion. There is also a gorgeous pattern for a matching blachristmas cushionnket, which is a payable pattern, but it would make such a lovely gift for someone special or for yourself. The colours are a tradition Christmas colour.  I think you could mix the colours up to make it have the Scandinavian look or even go all out rainbow. The pattern suggests a brand of colours, but you could use any Aran Yarn to create your cushion and blanket.

Christmas decorations

Finally, I think we need to look at the tree, how beautiful would a tchristmas baublesree look with all handmade decorations hanging on it. It would take a lot of dedication to make an entire tree decorated in yarn, but it would be a statement piece. There is no chance of doing this in my house.  The children like to cover mine in what I class as tat!! I found some lovely knitted and crochet bauble patterns, which look so traditional.  With the fairylights glistening, they would look stunning. You of course could change the colours to match your décor.

These little elves are also very cute, the small elves would come out the perfect size for tree decorations and the larger ones would make great ones to sit under the tree or presents.

With all this Christmas inspiration, you will be a busy elf! Cannot wait to see your ideas and makes over the coming weeks.

Love Toni

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