12th August 2020

It's been a while...

How are you all?  It's been a while.  Here at SMD Knitting we have had a crazy few months.  With the world coming to a standstill, the world of yarn seemed to continue!

I don't think until now I ever really understood the healing power of yarn and the amazing effect it has on peoples mental health and wellbeing.  The joy and relaxation provided to a nation over such turbulent times has been mind blowing.  It has certainly been a tough ride and continues to be.   With the fear of catching the virus; being unable to see friends and family; isolating from everyone due to health conditions.  The need to keep busy had and has never been so important.  Who would have thought that the nation would turn to Yarn.


When the UK Government announced that the country was to go into lockdown, it was a scary day for all.  As a small business, trying to decide what we would do in terms of supplying our customers with orders was a difficult task.  Of course, we had to consider our staff safety in the first instance and how we would ensure we could operate within the guidelines.  This meant staffing levels were reduced and orders increased as people where getting supplies in, to continue with their passion or looking for a new hobby to try.

Lockdown livingroom! Lockdown Living Room!

For those that have been avid knitters and Crocheters for years, you were super organised.   Getting supplies in ready for the lockdown.  It was fun to see what people were ordering.  We had lots of conversations when packing your yarn, trying to guess what you were going to be up to with the amazing colours you had purchased.  Lots of you, I know where making items for charity.  So now charity shops are starting to reopen, I'm looking forward to seeing lots of babies in lovely hand made items.

For those that were looking to try a new hobby, found solice in the form of yarn.  When I had a chance to answer the phones, I spoke to lots of people starting out, looking for help and recommendations on what to try.  It was lovely to be able to help others find a new skill.


Rainbows have become a symbol of solidarity amongst us all and in support of all our keyworkers during the crisis.  Of course knitted and crocheted rainbows were a must, if you can make them with colouring pens and paper, a true yarn acholic can make them in yarn!  Your creations did not fail, pastel ones, bright coloured ones, ones to match décor, the list goes on.  The seven colours of the rainbow were certainly flying out of the warehouse!

An amazing bunch of people from Oswestry, in Shropshire created a beautiful rainbow and forget me nots collage.  The forget me nots are to symbolise that we will not forget those lost loved ones during this terrible time.  Forget me nots are also a flower used to represent dementia and once the display has to come down the group will be making smaller items with the flowers to donate to local Dementia Wards and Nursing Homes, along with selling items to raise money for charity.  Can you imagine how many flowers they had to make for this impressive display.

The Sticks Chicks - Oswestry, Shropshire

As we know, this has effected the entire world and I happen to stubble across "We are all in this together" banner, designed by Stephanie Buriel from California.  Such an amazing achievement to make something so big and share with her community.

Stephanie from California

As a Nation we have pulled together and hopefully we will come out stronger on the other side.

This blog has really been put together to say thank you to all our customers for your support and patience throughout the last few months.  We would love you to share your lockdown creations, lets be united via yarn!

Lots of Love

Toni - SMD Knitting

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