2nd December 2018

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - Amanda Colson

Christmas Decorations

The tree is up in the store and everywhere feels that little bit more sparkly. Waking up to a frost glittering its way across the landscape adds to that festive feel, the world outside my window has transformed into something magical overnight.

It’s about this time of year that my thoughts turn to Christmas.

Years ago I made a single solitary knitted decoration just for the heck of it, fully expecting to be told it was a bit naff, which it was, as a novice knitter with minimal idea of what I was doing the execution left a lot to be desired. Each year the Scary Snowman is retrieved from the loft and hung on the tree alongside the Santa with the Satanic Stare and an array of ornaments made by the children over the years. It’s become a household tradition to create something new for the tree each year. It’s also a great way to use up left overs and try out techniques. This year was no different. When the “Here We Gnome Again” pattern popped up on my Ravelry feed and was spotted over my shoulder by an eagle eyed teenager there was no denying this was the one.

As Christmas decorations go it’s on the challenging side, mostly because the pattern features multiple cables and you need to pay attention to what you’re

doing so they don’t end up crossing in the wrong direction. It’s not something I could knit whilst watching tv but it was a very satisfying knit and I’m much more confident about knitting without a cable needle, although I had my trusty cocktail stick on hand just in case.  The most challenging part was making a teeny tiny pompom for the tip of the hat. Google to the rescue. It turns out this is easily achieved by wrapping yarn around a fork




Ravelry: Here We Gnome Again pattern by Sarah Schira

Now available in German and Norwegian. Ever since the introduction of the Never Not Gnoming trio, I have continued to dream gnomish dreams. So here we gnome again! Meet Gnancy and Gneville. Gnancy likes to read The Fellowship of the Rings while sipping mead. Gneville can’t sit still and enjoys ...


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