18th July 2017

Kaffe Fassett Knit Along Week 5: Diamonds

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Find the yarn here!

Remember a couple of weeks back, when I skipped this square? I’ve gone back, and have finally mastered the square! Mind you, it took me a fair few attempts. What is strange though, is that this square is not any more difficult to knit then some of the others. It might even be an easier one, as you don’t need to swap the bobbins from one end to the other to start a new colour block. But for some mysterious reason, I just kept going wrong with this one. And I know this is a thing! I’ve spoken to so many knitters over the years, and all of them seem to have this one story, about this one project, where they just got stuck. Only to pick it back up after a few weeks, and knit it perfectly in one go. How do you explain that?

This square…
Attempt 1; I realised I was doing the pattern sideways. Surely this is fine. It is a square of 60 stitches by 60 stitches. Surely you can knit the pattern up either side? I still believe one can. Obviously I can’t, but surely someone can.

Attempt 2; I realised about a third in that the rows are repeated once before you start increasing or decreasing the colours to make the diamond shapes. I only did 1 row, making very stocky diamonds, rather than slim elongated ones the pattern shows. That’s ok, that’s ok. I had given up on perfect geometry by now. I’m that type of knitter. I’d just add another repeat of diamonds at the end, it would all be good. Until a few rows later I realised I dropped a stitch about 6 rows back. And am I delicate when taking back intarsia?






No. No I am not. But I guess since this one was a mess of a square already anyway, I might as well just cut my losses and start over again!

Attempt 3; Third time’s a charm! Lo and behold, a finished square!






And as always, the colour combinations, from left to right;




Oxygen + Oxford for Colourway A, E, F and G
Mole + Electric for Colourway B
Moonstone + Oxford for Colourway C
Mole + Oxford for Colourway D


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