12th June 2017

Kaffe Fassett Knit Along Week 6; Boxes

It`s been a quite a while since I have managed to finish a square recently, as I`ve been dealing with one thing after another. Planning to and then actually moving house took its toll. Followed by parents popping over from the Netherlands for a visit to see the new house has meant that it has been difficult to find the time, the peace and the quiet to sit and knit! As this blanket is my first ever Intarsia project, I find that peace and quiet with no multi-tasking is what is required to fully concentrate and even then, a perfect result cannot be guaranteed! With this knit along in particular having a target of four squares per week to keep up, it can get a little disheartening when you fall behind… I’m sure that many of you have experienced that? That one project that almost turns into a chore rather than a relaxing hobby?

Another admission – I`ve decided to skip a square (Square 5 – Diamonds) and put it on the back burner for now. Honestly, I’ve started this design three or four times and each time, somehow, I have produced something different and none of them even resemble the design. Don’t ask me how. I will come back to it later on and then I’ll probably wonder why it stomped me at the first attempt. It will probably be something silly like holding the pattern the wrong way up!

So this week, it is Square 6 – Boxes. You can get the pattern here!

When working with Intarsia, I have found that much of the time seems to be spent knitting the ends in rather than knitting the square. Look at the back of this square! Meet Mrs Cousin It! ( a little Addams Family reference for you there)







The colourways I designed mostly use the same colours for this square;


Colourway A, C, D and G; use Plum and Oxford
Colourway B; use Plum and Electric
Colourway F; use Oxford and Cream

Of course with so many different ways of combining colours, there is no end to the number of permutations. Which colour combination are you guys using?

Hopefully I’ve got my knitting mojo back now, and if I stay on schedule, I`ll be able to catch up with the remaining squares in no time!