18th September 2017

Lisa Richardson Crochet Along 2017 - Week 5

Week 5: Framed Flower

My blog is a little late this week as it has been so busy in both the knitting and sewing showrooms. It has been very difficult to find the time to get into the studio and take the some photos.  However, I have still managed to stay on top of my squares and I have now finished week 5.

When I read the pattern for the Framed Flowers I was a little worried that it might be a tough week for me, but once I started the square and followed the pattern, one step at a time, it was much easier than I had previously thought.  It was very quick too.  I was a little concerned about how they would look as they were not looking quite square, more rounded than I would have liked, but once I had blocked them, they looked wonderful. I really like the flower detail, although my 3-year-old thought I was making some stars for her bedroom, and when I explained that these were flowers, she said they looked like sunflowers, and yes I have to agree with her.  What do you think?

Again, it has been wonderful to see and hear how everyone is getting on.  One query I received asked when we will be getting the patterns for the larger pieces and I have managed to find out that week 5 should be the last week for the small squares and that from week 7 we should be moving onto the larger rectangular pieces.  Is it just me or are you all getting excited by this?

I currently use some foam squares to block my garments with and these can be joined together like a jigsaw.  I even borrow my daughters foam squares from time to time if I need a larger area blocked.  If you do not have any of these foam squares why not try your ironing board.  How do you block your squares, if you have an alternative way of blocking please let us know?

And don't worry if you have not started the CAL with us already, you can join us at any time as the pattern is available for free online at Knitrowan.com and all you have to do is Register and then sign in and you can then download the weekly patterns.  And don't forget to check out the project pack that I am using here www.knittingwool.com but if you would like to use a different set of colours (some of you have been very creative), please contact us and we can apply the same multi discount to your order.






Yarn and materials:  Rowan Felted Tweed and size 3.5mm (US E4) crochet hook

(A) Bilberry 151   (G) Barn Red 196
(B) Peony 183      (H) Stone 190
(C) Ginger 154     (I) Caron 159
(D) Cumin 193     (J) Avocado 161
(E) Rage 150        (K) Boulder 195
(F) Watery 152     (L) Celadon 184

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