22nd September 2017

Lisa Richardson Crochet Along 2017 - Week 6

Week 6: From Squares to Sections

I feel rather sad that week 5 was the last week of the squares.  I had become so used to working out how long it should take me and planning it into my evenings and weekend schedule.  But onwards and upwards, it is now onto the next step and starting to piece together our squares into sections.  I was not expecting to be piecing it together this early on, but I think it will make it easier at the end to bring it all together and less chance for having squares going missing or in the wrong order.

Which technique have you chosen RS to RS or WS to WS?  It would be really good to see your preferences.  I went for RS to RS as the pattern suggested.  Just remember that whichever way you decided to put your squares into sections, you have to do it that way throughout. I do love the way that the Ginger (C) colour blends in yet provides a gorgeous border between the squares. It will be nice to see my huge stack of squares shrink down into smaller sections.

Around this time of year, we always have the same competition in our house to see how much we can delay putting the heating on or lighting the fire and with the temperatures getting cooler this past week, I succumbed and opted to go and get some logs for the fire. It could have been a different story if I had my blanket ready to go! I`m really looking forward to this blanket taking pride and place in my lounge, ready to snuggle up under.

Week 7 is due to be released on Monday 25th September and I think we may be starting to make the longer sections. I hope you are all as excited as I am.

And don't worry if you have not started the CAL with us already, you can join us at any time as the pattern is available for free online at Knitrowan.com and all you have to do is Register and then sign in and you can then download the weekly patterns.  And don't forget to check out the project pack that I am using here www.knittingwool.com but if you would like to use a different set of colours (some of you have been very creative), please contact us and we can apply the same multi discount to your order.




Yarn and materials:  Rowan Felted Tweed and size 3.5mm (US E4) crochet hook

(A) Bilberry 151   (G) Barn Red 196
(B) Peony 183      (H) Stone 190
(C) Ginger 154     (I) Caron 159
(D) Cumin 193     (J) Avocado 161
(E) Rage 150        (K) Boulder 195
(F) Watery 152    (L) Celadon 184

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