3rd October 2017

Lisa Richardson Crochet Along 2017 - Week 7

Week 7: Blackberry Salad Panels

I am bursting with excitement.  Week 7 and we are onto the Blackberry Salad Panels (blackberry salad sounds better than popcorn).  I got started right away on Monday evening and at 11.00pm I had Dukey, our German Shepherd looking up at me and wondering when I would be putting my hook down, switching off the lights and going to bed.  I finished off the first of my panels and placed it on me for a few minutes whilst I contemplated moving up to bed. It felt so warm and snug and started me thinking about how nice this is going to be when it is all finished.

This week was a rather strange week.  I had just settled down to my crochet after getting the little one to bed when the lights flashed off and on and then all went totally dark.  So using the flashlight on my iPad, I quickly had the candles out and lit and the main “emergency” flashlight sitting on the table. I wondered, what can I do now?  So I got my music (The Script) on the iPad and my hook back in my hand and with the fire roaring away settled down to an evening of candlelight crochet.  It was so nice and relaxing and just how it was done many years ago before the wonders of electricity.  When the power came back on, I was rather disappointed and so switched the lights off again!

I find that crochet in particular totally relaxes me in the evening. All seems well with the world and I have been known to fall asleep whilst working on my projects.  It is so easy to make a mistake when this happens so I do have to put my hook down when I start to feel tired, just in case.  I have been tempted to leave the odd mistake in place (especially when it is sometime back), trying to validate leaving it as “it adds personality to the piece” but of course, I`m just being lazy. I have to go back and fix it as I know it will jump out at me every time I look at it.

And don't worry if you have not started the CAL with us already, you can join us at any time as the pattern is available for free online at Knitrowan.com and all you have to do is Register and then sign in and you can then download the weekly patterns.  And don't forget to check out the project pack that I am using here www.knittingwool.com but if you would like to use a different set of colours (some of you have been very creative), please contact us and we can apply the same multi discount to your order.



Yarn and materials:  Rowan Felted Tweed and size 3.5mm (US E4) crochet hook

(A) Bilberry 151   (G) Barn Red 196
(B) Peony 183      (H) Stone 190
(C) Ginger 154     (I) Caron 159
(D) Cumin 193     (J) Avocado 161
(E) Rage 150        (K) Boulder 195
(F) Watery 152    (L) Celadon 184

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