16th October 2017

Lisa Richardson Crochet Along 2017 - Week 8

Week 8: Noughts & Crosses

Anyone for a game of noughts & crosses?  I used to love playing this game as a child, any spare scrap of paper and a pen or pencil.  Everyone wanted the middle square so to stop any arguments, we had a rule in our family that no one could put their mark in the middle square unless they were trying to block a move! Thirty years later, different game, similar reaction, Woe-betide if your Hungry Hippo eats the yellow ball! It`s game abandoned as far as our three-year-old little lady is concerned. Whatever happened to “it`s not the winning that counts…”? However, despite my best efforts not to win all of the time, just like Paper, Scissors, Stones, some games are just as hard to lose.

I had a rather poorly little lady over the weekend so with lots of TLC and naps on the sofa for her and an F1 Grand Prix for me (Go Lewis!), I had lots of hook time and was able to get my centre piece finished on Sunday evening.  When I finished, I laid it out and gazed over it with a great deal of pride in what I have achieved so far.  I know we still have some weeks left to go but it was wonderful to see the individual squares becoming what will be an amazing blanket. The whole is certainly greater than the sum of its parts, as they say, and I`m so grateful to Lisa Richardson for dreaming up this amazing design. I would love to be just half as talented. Is there an online class I can take to learn how to develop this sense of creative vision??

So, now that this week is done, I have some free time now and I have some other smaller WIPs I would like to complete.  I had a nice change of scenery this week as I was helping out in the knitting showroom and it was great to catch up with some of you and how you are all doing.

And don't worry if you have not started the CAL with us already, you can join us at any time as the pattern is available for free online at Knitrowan.com and all you have to do is Register and then sign in and you can then download the weekly patterns.  And don't forget to check out the project pack that I am using here www.knittingwool.com but if you would like to use a different set of colours (some of you have been very creative), please contact us and we can apply the same multi discount to your order.



Yarn and materials:  Rowan Felted Tweed and size 3.5mm (US E4) crochet hook

(A) Bilberry 151   (G) Barn Red 196
(B) Peony 183      (H) Stone 190
(C) Ginger 154     (I) Caron 159
(D) Cumin 193     (J) Avocado 161
(E) Rage 150        (K) Boulder 195
(F) Watery 152    (L) Celadon 184

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