27th November 2019

Little Makes, big impressions this Christmas!

Christmas Makes

Every Christmas I envisage a handmade decorated home, what about you?

Maybe one day I will get there, slowly but surely.  The dream of having that double fronted house with a glorious decorated Christmas tree in both windows.  Straight off the front of a Christmas card (I may need to win the Lottery!)

You can use yarn in all sorts of wonderful ways to create those Christmas decorations and accessories.

Sirdar Christmas baubles


With different sized polystyrene balls (or recycle your existing tree baubles), create covers for them. Work in increasing circles by knitting or crochet until the desired width, then slip the ball/bauble in and at this point start decreasing to enclose the ball. Add ribbon to hang your new delightful decoration. There is also patterns on the market for the less confident, this pattern from Sirdar is a great one Ravelry crochet chainto look at.  It contains knitting and crochet, click here to take a look.

Crochet Chains

This year the trend seams to be crochet chains. You can of course make these as long as you wish, decorating the entire house! I found this great pattern on Ravelry and a bonus it’s a free one!  So simple and easy to do, perfect for the novice crocheter.


The Christmas Tree

I really don’t like the legs on my Christmas Tree (I confess I have an artificial tree, which we have had in our family home for the last 15 year!), so when I spotted this pattern for a nice tree skirt, I knew I had to look into it more.  It looks so effective and would really finish the tree off, you could of course use lots of different colours to match your tree.  This lovely skirt is from King Cole, take a look here

Christmas tree Skirthttps://www.knittingwool.com/kc9009-rudolph-draught-excluder-christmas-tree-skirt-and-snowman-toy-knitted-with-various-king-cole-yarns/

Cushion Delight

These cushions would make a great gift for all the family, with only a few weeks to go, these being made in chunky could be whipped up in no time!  With the new Frozen film out as well, how many little ones would love the Snowman one?  If you have the creative talent you could actually add Olfa's head to the top  of the cushion.  Click here to take a look at the pattern.

This blog is only a short one, not sure any of us have time to make to many things in the next few weeks, but maybe some inspirationKing Cole Cushion for the year ahead! Nothing like getting prepared!

If you have been creative for the season ahead, do share with us your makes, we do love to see them.

Just incase I don't get chance of another blog before Christmas, Happy Christmas to you all, let the season be full of Yarn!


Toni The Crafting Cow


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