5th March 2020

Mosaic Blanket Goals!

Mosaic Crochet

Mosaic Blanket idea Crafty Customers Work

When chatting to a fellow crafter who popped into the showroom to pick up more yarn, I just had to ask what she was up too. Low and behold, she had an array of pictures on her phone, the many crochet mosaic blankets she had made. I was in ore of what she had created!  The colours she had used, really showed the pattern off. This lovely photo is from my fellow crafters collection.

I had seen them when scrolling the world wide web, but never really sure if it would be something I would enjoy, or something I would master how to do! They looked so impressive.  I couldn't get them off my mind.

About Daisyknots

She showed me one pattern that was a crochet along in 2019 and was available for free.  I have to give a shout out to the fabulous designer of these patterns, check out her website https://www.daisyknots.co.uk/.

Moira (the lovely lady behind Daisyknots), is passionate about fabrics and yarns. She graduated with a first in textile design and was shortlisted for “new designer of the year”, she sells her designs internationally, however helping others is even more rewarding to Moira, hence daisyknots was born.  Not only does she develop patterns, she runs craft classes at her home studio (I only wished I lived closer!). Moira has also done a short video on youtube, which was so helpful for anyone trying to understand how the stitches work.  Watching it, really helped me understand to concept, click here to see videos.

back to my story! That evening I downloaded and started reading, I was hooked!

Picking my colours

I was so excited to get started, it’s a good job I have an entire yarn warehouse to choose my colour choice! I decided I was going to make one for my daughter, as I had just redecorated her bedroom in greys and pinks.  The pattern suggests using a particular brand, but I just did my own thing, but I did stick with Aran.  Double knit would have worked great as well, the blanket would of course come out a little smaller.

Picking 7 colours was hard! Being aran I had a few less to choose from! I opted to mix my brands as it was the colours I was more interested in. I used Robin Bonny babe for my base colour (grey).  Stylecraft granite grey, rose pink, white and pomegranete, James c Brett Aztec for a medium pink (this was so soft, I need to make something with just this yarn!) and finally King Cole comfort for the very light pink.

Mosaic blanket weeks 1-3 Weeks 1-3

The pattern didn't feel to daunting as it was broken down into weeks (over 10 weeks) and with the pattern available in colour or black and white, you can choose which one you prefer to follow, I just stuck my threads to the colour code to keep for reference, but to be honest I just changed my colours to suit the style I wanted.

Lets start!

Let week one commence... this was a nice easy start to creating the pattern and I was off to a flying start, completing the pattern over 3 evenings (I did say I was hooked!).  It amazed me how a simple stitch made such an interesting pattern.  With no ends to weave in either, they are cleverly hidden in the border, making this great project even better!

Week 2… this was a little more tricky, but once you got the rhythm and counting the stitches it all starts to become clearer.  Week 3... was back to a nice easy pattern and worked up so quick, by this stage the blanket was now keeping me warm in an evening!

mosaic blanket Weeks 1-5

Now week 4... this was a little more tricky, I really had to concentrate and talking to family members was out of the question!  This section did slow me down, but the effort was so worth it.

Week 5... a nice easy one again, my family could again speak to me! Week 6... again a little bit more brain power required for this week, the pattern on this section I love, it reminds me of Chelsea Buns!  Week 7... a nice repeat of week one, but in the opposite direction, which was a nice way to complete the main part of the blanket.  I did suffer some serious hot flushes over the final few sections, the blanket is rather large and of course you are covered in it whilst stitching!

Weeks 1-7

The Border

This bit did concern me a little! working around the edge with a slip stitch was a tricky task, I did think I would never get back to the starting point again!  I steadily did a few rounds per night, it was along way round!  This blanket has a double layered boarder so you get a really nice edge to the blanket and a nice weight, so it hangs lovely on a chair or over the bed.

A girls weekend had been planned.  An entire weekend in a large house with a hot tub, lots of food and lots of drink, oh and maybe a little crafting!  I decided to take the blanket.  Maybe not my brightest idea.  Concertation is required and being asked if you want a top up (Wine!) does not mix so well with trying to count stitches around the edge of a blanket!  I did have to give up, but the girls all loved it, hopefully I have convinced them to have a go (3 of them can crochet!)

I opted to do one week of the border (it is over 3 weeks, if you wanted to make a larger border).  The blanket was already quite big and as it was for a single bed I decided this one was big enough.  If I was doing it for a double bed, I would have done all three.

The last round joining the back border and front border was very satifying.  Knowing that i had completed the entire blanket.  I am normally a crafter that has a few projects on the go, but this one I couldnt put down.  It is so well written and the pattern was a joy to follow.  I would really like to put this border on other styles of blankets, it would complete the blanket perfect.


The next project!

My 16 year old son has now requested one, which I take as a great compliment! I have purchased another pattern from Daisyknots.  I get to try something else and really looking forward to seeing the end results.  This time, white, greys and a Cornish blue (for his bedroom!).


Mosaic Blanket My daughter testing the size!

If you have never tried mosaic crochet, have a go.  It is so much fun and surprisingly simple once you get the concept.

Full credit for this pattern goes to Daisyknots, please do check out her website and facebook.


There are also lots of other designers creating mosaic patterns, have a google!

I would love to see your creation and colour combinations, so please do share.



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