6th September 2019

Nordic Mens collection, Rowan have got what every Man needs…

Rowan Mens knits arnie and carlosI am in my element with all these amazing new pattern books!  The quality of the books and the print is outstanding.  Rowan have invested lots of time to get the perfect look, for the modern knitter.

I was really taken by the new Arne and Carlos designs in the Nordic Men’s Collection, not everyone’s taste I know, but I personally like the Nordic feel of the patterns.  Arne and Carlos are known for their love of pattern, so this book was no surprise!  The projects in the book range from mittens to sweaters, so something for all the men in your life!  It does contain 12 patterns, so great value for money.

I have pick a few of myArne and carlos mens nordic knits favourite to share with you…

This one made me giggle! Thorvald jumper very manly!! In my head the Superhero Thor came to the rescue, which I am sure any Man wearing this number, would!  I get a real Christmas vibe from this sweater, with alpaca soft dk being used, it will be lovely and soft.  Kathy is knitting this one as I type and I am really looking forward to seeing the final version made up.  I think her husband will be rocking it this Christmas!  13 balls are required to make this sweater, but your hero is worth it!Arne and Carlos mittens Rowan

The pattern book can be found here

 The yarn can be found here

I actually love mittens, so when I spotted these, I knew I had to mention them.  Using 5 balls of yarn they would make a nice cost-effective present for all the men in your life and you could mix the colours so everyone has something different. Rowan Alpaca soft dk can be found here

 Now this Jumper caught my eye, as it is quite a traditional make called Haavard.  I don’t think any Man would be offended to receiHaavard knitted jumper Rowanve this as a gift.  The pattern does show a strip effect, but you could quite easily create a plain knit if you wished.  The project would require 16 balls of kidsilk haze, which is only a 2 ply, making it a very light and breathable jumper.  It would create one very special knit, for that very special man. Kidsilk haze can be found here

I have only selected a few personal favourites, you still have 9 to check out.  If you enjoy making for the men in your lives this would be the perfect addition to your pattern collection.

Show me your makes, with of course the recipient wearing their new knit!


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