15th August 2019

Rowan's Autumn and Winter highlights

I have never seen quite so much excitement when the new Autumn and Winter Yarns and Pattern books arrived from Rowan!  Even I got a little carried away with all the anticipation of opening all the new colours and seeing all the latest knitting trends. 

I have to say this was my first time ever being at the grand unveiling of the new ranges arriving at the warehouse, it was hard to stay focused on the job at hand! 

Over the last few weeks Rowan have been teasing us with snippets from the new Mode at Rowan pattern books and sneaky glimpses of the new colours coming in, but to see them in the flesh is a whole new experience.

I was lucky enough to be able to borrow a couple of pattern books to bring home and investigate my favourites.  It was hard to know where to start with so many books and patterns to look through.  Trying to pick just a few to showcase was even harder.

As you probably know Rowan tend to like natural colours and don’t think you can complain about the way they mix and match the tones to create very elegant and luxury knit wear.  Of course there is nothing to stop you creating your favourite patterns in your favourite colours.


Mode at Rowan Barleycorn

Barleycorn - Rowan Cashmere Tweed

First out the bag must be Kathy’s favourite Barleycorn, this stunning textured sweater, just has the total envy factor.  With its unique diagonal detailing across the front, I think it would be a very flattering wear for any size lady. 

The picture is shade smoke Cashmere Tweed, but I think it would lend itself to any of the colour ranges. 

Mode at Rowan Cashmere Tweed 4 projects

You would require 20 balls to make Barleycorn in Medium, but I think well worth the investment, a statement piece for many years. 

Rowan Cashmere Tweed can be found here

The pattern book can be found here





Mode at Rowan Champagne

Champagne - Alpaca Classic

I particularly love this oversized cardigan, Champagne (because of course, my favourite drink!) and the colour yarn is also Champagne! A brand-new shade for the A/W release. 

It would be perfect for a cold winters evening over a top and jeans or over that little black number leaving the party. 

The Alpaca wool used makes this a very fine and delicate knit, well worth all the love and care require to make and maintain. 

Mode at Rowan Alpaca Classic 4 projects

With 22 balls of Alpaca Classic required to complete a Medium, it would never date, only mature with age, like a good Champagne!

Rowan Alpaca Classic DK can be found here

Pattern book can be found here




Rowan Ghost wrapGhost - Brushed Fleece

This pattern I feel is more achievable for the more intermediate of knitters.  Ghost is a stunning wrap, knitted with brushed fleece

Dead cosy for those Autumn nights or to add as an accessory to your winter coat.  It requires 7 balls and the pattern uses Shade Rock, but again a great pattern tMode at Rowan Brushed Fleeceo do in an array of shades.  An ideal, very gratefully received gift too (I wouldn’t say no!)

Rowan Brushed Fleece can be found here 

Pattern book can be found here





 Rowan Crop top by Georgia FarrellCropped Sweater by Georgia Farrell

I have chosen this cute cropped sweater, designed by Georgia Farrell as my 4th choice.  Perfect for any age, old or young! It’s a flattering look and paired with a long skirt, I think you will agree looks stunning.  Knitted in Apaca soft dkMode at Rowan Collection 1, it would be great to wear against the skin and only 9 balls needed for a medium, it’s a great value sweater. 

The pattern is available in a stunning book called collection one.  With 17 stunning patterns, you will have a great time trying them all out.

Rowan Alpaca soft dk can be found here 

Pattern book can be found here


 Rowan have created some amazing knitting books and yet again delivered on everything.  What I have gone through is just a small sample of what they are bringing to us this season. 

Take a look on their website to see all the fabulous patterns.  Be sure to come back to SMDKnitting to purchase your pattern books and yarns.

This most definitely, will not be my last blog, featuring the new Rowan Range!  I cannot wait to look through all the patterns and write the next one!  Please do post your makes and your colour choices, it gives great inspiration to other likeminded people.

I need a well-deserved drink of champagne to celebrate the launch of this stunning collection!  Did I mention it was my favourite?!



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