25th October 2019

Up for a challenge?! The Rise and Shine Blanket could be it

The Blanket

With Crochet taking centre stage as the number one new craft for people to learn, this blanket is the perfect example of a great starter project. With simple stitches to start, working towards more complex stitches throughout the project. The Rise and Shine blanket is bursting with Colour and texture, its hard to resist!

I only wish I made this blanket!!! One of the lovely Knit and Natter ladies Jill, did all the hard work.  I just have the pleasure of reporting on her journey, along with the highs and lows of such a lengthy project.

The blanket was designed by Stylecraft Blogstar, Lucia Dunn, who can be found blogging here – www.luciasfigtree.com she has created some stunning patterns and I am sure you will enjoy have a good read of what she has been up to!

The pattern was featured in Crochet Now magazine, with two squares published in each issue (one designed to be ‘quick and easy’, and the other to stretch your skills a little), once you had created 24 squares, you work your way through to finish off, joining everything together and adding a beautiful border pattern.

The making..

So with the intro done, let me introduce Jill and her Rise and Shine journey….

"I attend the Wednesday ‘Knit and Natter’ group. Last year I must have looked bored ‘ as Kathy says ‘Are you up for a challenge?’

Hesitantly I replied yes. Well there is this Crochet Along (CAL) coming out and we wondered if you might like to take it on.

rise and shine blanket

Always up for a challenge I said yes … the next thing I know I’m off home with a huge bag of beautiful Stylecraft yarn Special double knit and the first part of the CAL!

The Crochet Along was to make an exquisite blanket designed by Lucia Dunn using Styecraft Special Dk yarn. There would be twelve parts featuring two different patterns each month plus how to finish the edge.

The stitches used included double and treble crochet (UK terms) and a variety of other stitches like popcorn, crab stitch, bobble, puff, spike treble and an interesting Jacquard technique making a tartan pattern.

The instructions

The instructions were clear and easy to follow and when a new technical stitch was introduced extra help was given.

rise ad shine square

The yarn was double knitting weight, but using two strands, making the finished result thick and cosy. After getting into a tangle with two ends, I attached one of my knitting needle coil holders (made from a hair band) to keep the two strands together!

Although the instructions were easy to follow it was more difficult judging the tension. The double crochet squares did work out at the suggested size, once the edging was added. The technical squares were more of challenge. (Everyone seemed to have problems with these!)

And Yes before you question, I did ‘frog’ (undo) many of them to get the correct size. Luckily the edging for each square had the same number of stitches which pulled the technical squares into correct size.

Joining Together

The final issue showed you how to join the squares together. An interesting technique of surface single crochet connecting one loop of a stitch in one square to one in the other. (just be careful not to pull too tight)

The colours used create a colourful and vibrant blanket and work well together."

What a fab journey with Jill, I think you will agree with me, when I say she did an amazing job to create this blanket. It sounded quite a challenge, wrise and shine squaresorking with two strands of yarn, maybe it would have been better if the pattern was designed to be done in chunky. For a beginner working with 2 stands is quite difficult (but Jill definitely cracked it).

I think I may have got a little frustrated with the tension as well.  It is hard getting the perfect tension! Practice makes perfect.

I borrowed the blanket to get some pictures, to show it off to its full glorious colours and the work the Jill put into creating this masterpiece.

I’m going to have to say my favourite square, has to be the bird.  It is so pretty and just looks so at home on the blanket.  I was also very impressed with the flower wreath square. What is your favourite?

All credit goes to Jill for all the hard work and dedication of following a pattern for the entire year. Kathy certainly set the challenge and Jill didn’t disappoint.

Hopefully it will inspire you to maybe do a crochet along! If any of you have done the Rise and Shine blanket, I would love to see your pictures.


Let’s keep crochet the number one new hobby at the top slot for many years to come!


Toni The Crafting Cow





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