Our Values

The recipe we have always used when running our business is quite straightforward. We simply combine basic common sense rules with integrity, honesty and respect and it is these core values that have provided us with a rock solid foundation from which we can build on and grow.

By ensuring that every customer receives the same high level of courtesy and respect, we hope to inspire them and share our passion for creating and constructing wonderful items that are totally unique and totally personal.

We are proud that our customers trust us enough to return time and time again. They know that we will do all that is possible to ensure they receive exceptional levels of service offered personally by our dedicated SMD team. We are fully aware that the positive relationship we have with our customers is of paramount importance.

The appreciation that we have for our customers should not be taken lightly. We are all too aware that without customers, there is no business. Customer loyalty is not something that can be bought, so our efforts to earn it by offering extraordinary service and striving to exceed customers’ expectations is essential. We know that you have choices when purchasing your knitting yarns and accessories, so we will never be complacent.

  • Promotions, offers and discounts come and go, soon to be forgotten about. But the feeling of being appreciated lasts much longer, and we hope that is exactly what our customers will experience when dealing with us.
  • We continuously strive to provide the best products at the lowest prices, and offering customer service levels that are second to none.
  • Our aim is to always make you feel genuinely respected and appreciated as an SMD customer.