A passion for yarn?
Join the club & earn SMD Stitches

We believe that customer loyalty should be rewarded and rewarded generously. Our SMD Stitches Rewards Programme has been designed to make it easy and straight forward to understand.

Receive 500 SMD Stitches
worth £2.50 when you sign up
Receive 10 SMD Stitches worth
5 pence for every £1 you spend
Receive double points when
purchasing British Wool

How do I earn SMD Stitches?

All account holders will receive 20 SMD Stitches for every pound spent in a single transaction on British yarn and fibre and 10 SMD Stitches for every pound spent in a single transaction on everything else. This equates to a 10% discount off British yarn and a 5% discount off everything else.

How can I spend my SMD Stitches?

Every 200 SMD Stitches earned can be exchanged for a £1.00 discount off your next order. Discounts are redeemed at the checkout by simply submitting the value that you want to redeem. Easy! No waiting at the checkout, checking your Inbox for coupon codes. Your SMD Stitches will be visible at the checkout.

Customer Recommendations

There is no bigger compliment you can pay to us than to personally recommend us to your friends.

Recommend a friend to SMD Knitting and you will also receive SMD Stitches when your friend opens an account and makes a purchase. However, this does not only apply to the first purchase but to every purchase that your friend makes! And this is in addition to your friend earning their own SMD Stitches, as described above. So when your friends earn SMD Stitches, so do you!

Receive 5 SMD Stitches when
your friend spends £1
Receive 10 SMD Stitches when
your friend spends £1 on British

How do I enrol?

Enrolment into the SMD Stitches Rewards Programme is automatic when you open an account. Your 500 SMD Stitches will be added to your account for you to use immediately and the SMD Stitches that you earn on purchases will be added when your order is processed.

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